Good for the Planet, Good for Business.

While at ITB Berlin 2013, I had the opportunity to meet different leaders, visionaries and discuss with them their ideas on sustainability. Two people really stood out for me during the week I spent there.

Stewart Moore, CEO of EC3 Global & EarthCheck, communicated a key theme to describe EarthCh

Stewart Moore, CEO of EC3 Global & EarthCheckeck – their primary function is to help the tourism industry to connect the dots.  Be it big/small hotel groups or independent hotels, no one can ignore sustainability management as being part of today’s reality. How to proceed?  You need to have a vision that requires the engagement and commitment of the top executives, then find a company such as EarthCheck who will help you to set up a strategy and subsequently assist to measure your tactical actions implemented.







Stewart Moore, CEO of EC3 Global & EarthCheck


Claus Sendlinger, Chairman of Designs Hotels, has a very interesting approach for his very successful company. They have just launched “Finding Infinity” for their members in collaboration with EarthCheck. This program offers to over its 245 members the opportunity to make a positive impact in collaboration with a simple but strong message: “We want to encourage people to push barriers, to break new grounds and become leaders. We want them to reduce their dependence on finite resources, to consume healthy food and contribute to the local community – not because they have to, but because they can.”


During his presentation Claus Sendlinger used his own definition of Luxury, which I felt was very thought provoking, “Freedom of Choice”.  He breaks this down in relation to Design Hotels with what sets them apart from the others:

Design Hotels Finding Infinity Poster

  • Acquisition & value
  • Discernment & worth
  • Emotions & experience
  • Responsible & aware
  • Intellectual & Poetic




Design Hotels Finding Infinity Poster

design hotelsI think to achieve such important, key components, we have to be sustainable and maintain a balance within our environment to protect our assets.


A few years ago all the above was great if you felt passionate about environmental preservation etc. Now the scene has changed dramatically, you see more CEOs and leaders in the hotel industry deciding to start sustainability management programs that improve operational performance and reduce cost. Why? Simply because the credibility of today’s company depends on how responsible and transparent that company is.

EarthCheck is the world’s leading sustainability environmental benchmarking and certification program. Using a science based approach, they help the travel and tourism industry increase efficiencies, maximize guest experience and minimize their environmental and social footprint. With changing regulatory environments, rapidly evolving markets and complex risk implications, organizations require specialized tools and expertise. EarthCheck helps you navigate the path forward with certainty and peace of mind.

From operational performance and compliance to community engagement, structural design and precinct planning, EarthCheck has a reputation for implementing comprehensive, market tested solutions that positively impact the triple bottom line.

If you haven’t already, please have a look at their website, And while you’re at it, check out Design Hotels as well,