Banyan Tree Management Development Program

Big Waves of Inspiration
Banyan Tree Management Development Program

May 2014 – Phuket, Thailand

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Where the 8th annual Banyan Tree Management Development Program for their managers from all over the world.


Big Waves of Inspiration held a half day workshop “Imagine, Create, Realize” on creativity and developing personalized customer experiences. With a fantastic level of participation, many innovative and creative concepts came out. It is always very inspiring to watch in such a short period of time how fast participants can increase their level of creativity by starting to simply realize their potential.


Clearly our role today as leaders is about building high-level confidence within our team members while focusing on creative solutions, developing innovative ideas, recognizing failure in a positive way, encouraging the exchange of ideas and finally the most important one controlling our ego. Big Waves of Inspiration is your perfect partner with its workshop “Imagine, Create, Realize”, to do this.


“Talent win games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” Michael Jordan.