Interactive Workshops


Dreams and Emotions are the secret ingredients in building your team’s creativity and developing unique customer experiences.

Big Waves has a 2 day workshop “Imagine, Create, Realize” with a non-academic approach that benefits your associates at all levels: connecting them with their creativity potential, improving service quality, driving strategy and development of customer experiences. This is achieved while upholding and developing the essence of your brand and customers, thereby giving you a competitive edge.

The objectives provide you with a Personalized Idea Bank, the development of specific meaningful customer experiences during the workshop, while increasing the level of team motivation.

The benefits for you are:

  • Creative State of Mind with your team – realizing their creativity potential, capacity and opportunities to capitalize on it.
  • “Free Thinking Zone” session providing you with a personalized Ideas Bank.
  • Connecting the dots with your brand.
  • Developing specific meaningful customer experiences prioritized by you following the “Free Thinking Zone” session.
  • Reinforcing the team positive energy and motivation.
  • Tailor made workshop to your specific needs to maximize return on your investment.


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