Helping you to reach the top of your world.


Most of us can remember someone who made a real impact in our lives. Most likely these people were impartial. In my case they were also able to help identify the skills and capabilities within me so that I could use them to the best of my ability and succeed in what I did. I am convinced that an outside assessment can help shift perspective in order to discover the necessary solutions to understand and achieve our goals.

By working together I aim to:

  • Provide an environment for neutral and independent advice for operational decisions, career moves and professional development.
  • Understand your professional environment and define your motivation, skills and thought processes in order to make decisions.
  • Help establish appropriate goals and define a methodology to achieve them with a simple and comprehensible follow-up.
  • Understand a new cultural and professional environment and adapt to a new team or working method, taking into account social and cultural aspects, politics and the environment.
  • Provide a trustworthy setting to be able share and communicate experiences and objectives while analyzing emotions and frustrations.

Program Sequence:

Initial Consultation (45 minutes) done by computer via Skype or chat in an easily accessible format.

  • 2 follow up sessions of 20 minutes.
  • Depending on individual, 5 follow up sessions are possible.

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