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 EarthCheck is the next generation of environmental certification and benchmarking. It is the culmination of a journey that began in 1987 and continues to this day. Using a science-based approach, we help the travel and tourism industry increase efficiencies, maximize guest experience and minimize their environmental and social footprint. With changing regulatory environments, rapidly evolving markets and complex risk implications, organizations require specialized tools and expertise. EarthCheck helps you navigate the path forward with certainty and piece of mind. From operational performance and compliance to community engagement, structural design and precinct planning, EarthCheck has a reputation for implementing comprehensive, market-tested solutions that positively impact the triple-bottom line. 70 COUNTRIES      The clients and partners we service, in more than 70 countries, enable and support annual revenues in excess of $18 billion. $100 MILLION We strive to reduce consumption and have helped realize over $100 million dollars in savings for our clients. 6 MILLION CONSUMERS 6 million consumers a week are directly touched by EarthCheck’s branded solutions and in the last decade, we have supported over 360 research projects with a total value of $260 million. EARTHCHECK’S SUITE OF SCIENCE-BASED SOLUTIONS FOR SUSTAINABILITY IN THE TRAVEL AND TOURISM SECTOR BUSINESS

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As an Accredited Master Trainer for EarthCheck, Big Waves provides a diverse portfolio of training programs for your company. Sustainability can only occur when people at all levels of an organization are empowered to make the difference. I am convinced that all individuals in the tourism industry, through whatever position they hold, have the opportunity to define themselves as responsible leaders by investing in sustainable development in order to preserve their professional, personal and financial environment. The responsibility also rests with companies, owners, employees as well as their families. As a General Manager, I stepped out of the classic job role. By creating various environmental projects, such as the Conservation and Marine Labs at Banyan Tree Maldives and Bintan, I shared knowledge and motivated stakeholders to also link the local economy and education of present and future generations. Today, as passionate as ever, I am invested in the preservation of our environment. To this end, I have partnered with EarthCheck, which through its experience and programs, contributes daily to preserve our beautiful planet Earth.