The inspiration

What inspires me: Creating opportunities

After having worked nearly 30 years for various companies, having climbed the ladder from an apprentice to a vice president position, I could not understand why I did not feel fulfilled in my life. During these years I had FUN, living amazing experiences, meeting incredible people, learning about different cultures and countries and being involved with unbelievable opportunities and projects, yet I did not feel complete.

Educated with a strong connection to the environment and nature, I wanted to discover “city” life and live the FUN that goes with it. It is an exciting life but a very fast one as well, which at times might be too fast. You case lose touch with your senses, your connection with people changes and you become even more engaged with the material world, which defines your identity more and more.

Over a decade ago, I reconnected with nature and discovered different cultures that still connect with their natural and social environment and realized how much that played an important part of where I am today. It helped me to understand what is essential to me, to feel complete as a person and the role I want play in my life.

I have always wanted to make a positive, lasting impact in people’s lives and hope I have done so thus far.  As much as I was able to do it at work, within family and at social activities, I still felt limited. It was time for me to start my own company and use my experience, my passion and my creativity to develop an activity where people can make a difference: in their life, in their environment, in their work. I have developed a program that inspires people to realize their entrepreneurship potential, their capacity to initiate change and innovation, regardless of their social or professional position or background.  I assist hoteliers and restaurants owners with making change and creating something unique for their business. Finally still committed to our environment and our planet, I have partnered with EarthCheck via training and sales to support and encourage sustainability management within the tourism industry.

Everyday I feel and feed from the positive energy of the people around me and the people I come into contact with throughout my day. They inspire me to overcome challenges, to start new ideas, to exchange points of view, to create new experiences and to make a difference in peoples lives.

Today I am excited about the new opportunities around the corner for Big Waves of Inspiration and feel complete.