Managing Director & Founder of Big Waves of Inspiration


Mr. François Huet,

Mr. François Huet,

He started out as an apprentice waiter in Michelin starred restaurants but quite quickly was drawn to other horizons. He thus guided his career to the international arena in order to discover different traditions both culinary and cultural across the world. He quickly rose through the ranks within the Inter-Continental Hotels where he was entrusted with senior positions, then became General Manager at Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort in French Polynesia. Later he joined the Banyan Tree group as Regional General Manager in the Maldives, followed by Indonesia and after Thailand where he was Regional General Manager of Banyan Tree Phuket and promoted to Vice President Hotel Operations overlooking several properties in Laos and Thailand.[br/]


Mr. Huet was instrumental in the positioning of the identity of Banyan Tree, quickly reinforcing its brand, international reputation and results, receiving numerous internationals awards in the tourism industry. Innovative, he created unique food and beverage concepts that combined local products, culture, service, traditions, natural backdrops and emotions. These experiences were highly appreciated by the clientele and became a signature for the brand and image of Banyan Tree. Concerned by the social, economic and environmental repercussions of the environmental issues in the tourism industry, he developed scientific laboratories in the Maldives and Bintan, Indonesia with the principal objective to share information as well as to preserve the environment. Consequently Banyan Tree Hotels became a leader for environmental sustainability in international, luxury hotels. During this time he also studied operations, management and real estate investment in the hotel industry at the General Managers Program of Cornell University.

Rich from these diverse experiences with a desire to share, he created Big Waves of Inspiration with the goal to identify and fulfill the potential of a company and its human capital.

Big Waves Training offers workshops for management on the important and inevitable relationship between the perception of others within the company and performance, and the direct impact on innovation and results.

Big Waves Consulting and Coaching prescribes the development of specific, immediate solutions for short and long term, which are both efficient and adapted to the company or entrepreneur.

Big Waves Partnership with EarthCheck, the world’s leader in environmental sustainability in the tourism industry, provides benchmarking and certification program as well as training on sustainable development.

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